Cyber-security for Small Businesses

Cyber-security for Small Businesses

us-security-advisor-warns-china-to-end-cyber-attacksToday’s businesses have improved and evolved due to the constant use of technology and access to the internet. The online allows any business from anywhere to reach new and larger markets and it also provides them with opportunities for efficient working by using computer based tools.

It doesn’t matter if the business owner thinks only about using cloud computing or a simple email to develop its activity, because there’s one thing that he should pay attention to. We’re talking here about the cyber-security which should be a big part of his activity plan. A common fraud is now the theft of digital info and data, as thieves have realized the potential that the digital data has.

That’s why it should be a goal for any business that uses the online environment to create a culture for improving the security and enhance the business and customer confidence.


As you’ve certainly realized from using your own computer, when you connect to a network, the system asks you what kind of network it is – is it a home based network, a work network or a public network? Once you connect wireless to a public network, all of your information and sensitive data that you have stored on your device (computer, laptop or even phone) could be easily accessed if it’s not protected properly.

This being said, if you have a portable device, don’t connect with it to any public network. Use only the dedicated networks that you have at work or at home, one that is secured and protected and doesn’t permit outside threats.


Setting a password can be easy, but the thing is that you have to set it strong and secured. There are different software programs that allow you to generate strong passwords for each of the websites and applications that you have on your device, and it also helps you store them securely.

It’s a lot easier than remembering 20 different users and passwords for the same number of applications.

The Website

Any business works now with a website, one that they manage and run, and it’s important to have a perfectly functioning website to prevent outside threats. Hackers try to break into anything for obtaining valuable information, and you should never consider yourself too small for getting their attention.

This being said, you might want to consider owning the domain of your website for increased security, as you’ll be the only one who knows the user and passwords. The same goes for the rest – the SSL domain and the accounts that go with the website.


Scanning your computer and your portable devices against threats with an antivirus software is essential, and you might want to get a licensed one to make sure you cover everything that’s important. The same goes for your website – it can also get infected, and it needs constant cleanup, just to make sure that it is functioning perfectly.

Cybersecurity-Icon-Labeled-for-ReuseA website that uploads slow or one that shows unwanted advertisements could be the source of virus infection for both you and your customers, and it’s very important to prevent this as much as you can.

Licensed OS

To help you prevent data loss, it’s also important for you to have only licensed operating systems on your devices – both computer and laptop. These licensed OSs have the ability to find updates on their own and further protect your computer or laptop against outside threats. It’s easy to do this, and even if you do pay some money for the license, at least your laptop will be protected more than a regular one.