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Story by SPC Craig Dixson
There’s been a changing of the guard at the USAG Yongsan AAFES Exchange. Specialist Craig Dixson speaks with one individual looking to make a difference.
Story by SSgt Jennifer Stai
PCSing is part of being a Soldier, PCSing overseas is a little less common. There are challenges Soldiers and their families face when getting to a new installiatio in a foreign country. A few people at Camp Humphrey’s realize this and found a way to make your welcome to Korea less stressful.
Story by PV2 MinKyu Bae
Learn more about Korea by listening to its Korean traditional music. KATUSA Private MinKyu Bae reports.
Story by TSgt Gena Armstrong
Osan’s Airmen participate in Operational Readiness Exercises on a quarterly basis…training for a chemical wartime environment. Technical Sergeant Gena Armstrong shows us some extra training Airmen did to include the Korean Air Force.
Story by CPL SangHyun Lee
Military families who are stationed at overseas could have trouble becoming duel income families. Specialist Leianah Guerra saw how USAG Yongsan’s Army Community Services or ACS help them financially by providing a job.
Story by SPC Jacob Blahnik
USAG Daegu comes together to mark 9/11 with a moment of silence. Specialist Jacob Blahnik shows us the thoughts of Daegu members as they reflect on the eleventh anniversary of the attacks.
Story by SGT Keith Burghardt
The Republic of Korea-United States Combined Forces Command improve the alliance's ability to defend the Republic of Korea by training in planning, intelligence, logistics, and personnel procedures. Army Sergeant Keith Burghardt learned similar training keeps the military community on the Korean Peninsula informed of the weather conditions.
Story by SrA Brayton Metzger
The biggest room is the room for improvement. Living by this motto could not only make your life easier, it’s a great way to enrich the lives of those who come after you. Senior Airman Brayton Metzger had a chance to meet one man at Osan Air Base who is doing everything he can to not only make improvements, but bring Koreans and Americans together at the same time.
Story by SGT Sean McGuire
Most Americans recognize the events that took place on September 11th 2001 in different ways. Army Sergeant Sean McGuire has the story of how Soldiers at Camp Casey will remember it as a day that they could be proud of.

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The Wolf Pack
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Gaining citizenship on September 11th
The USAF 607th Weather Squadron and the ROKAF Weather Wing maintain mission continuity.
Find out what they did with their munitions.
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